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We’re pretty thrilled to be able to say we’ll be a vendor at the Fall for Local Fall Pop Up! We’re prepping our displays and stock for October 22nd, when we’ll be setting up with a bunch of other fantastic local companies at the Pipe Shop at Lonsdale Quay.

Korinne Vader, G Ceramic & Co, Erin Laura Jewelry and Sunday Dry Goods are just a few of the other amazing vendors taking part in Fall For Local!

We’ve been attending Fall for Local speaker series from the beginning, and seeing the support they show for young entrepreneurs, especially young female entrepreneurs, clinched our decision to apply. We’re always looking to support other women in business, and to learn from them. Starting Hermit & Anemone has been a crazy new adventure for both of us, and seeing other women succeed in business gives us the drive to do keep working. Are you an awesome woman with some advice? Do you know a fabulous lady who knows a thing or two about our industry? We would love to hear from you- we’re always happy to hear feedback, get in touch!

For pre-sale tickets (only three bucks!) to the market, and to learn more about the vendors and perks of attending, check out Fall for Local’s website: And come find our booth on Oct. 22nd and say hi!